Find Invert Elevation At Any Point Along Pipe

Is there a way to find the invert elevations of the Pressure Pipe (Blue) and the Pipe (White) at the marked crossings? I have used the “Pipe.ActualEndInvert” and “Pipe.ActualStartInvert” to calculate the value myself in the past. The issue with this method is that often Pressure Pipes are arcs or curved, thus rendering my method inaccurate. If there is another node I can use or a Python solution, I would be much obliged.


Try to obtain the curves of the pipes, do the translation on their Z to obtain the lines of inverts then the vertical projection between the intersections.

Hi @Ge0rges

Can you attached example for your ideas
Any dyn file

Here is my example:

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Is there a way to accomplish this using only nodes available in the standard Dynamo or the Civil3DToolkit?

I’m attempting this solution. Would you use Dynamo to create Feature Lines for each pipe network and then assign the start and end invert elevations to each of the appropriate PI’s of those Feature Lines?

My language is not good

Can you use
create a feature line from polycurve with "Featureline.ByPolycurve node

How would you do the translation on the Z to get the inverts? Would you use the “Geometry.Translate” node? I’m not sure how this would work since not all of the pressure pipes are the same size.

My example also works with pressure pipes, even if the diameters are different. It would be necessary to replace certain nodes to extract the lines of pressure pipes. The Translate.Geometry method is one option to have Inverts, among others. Can you show us your Dynamo script?