3D Polyline from Pressure Pipe Network


Is there a way to create a 3d polyline from a pressure pipe network? i saw a pipe.curve node but only works for regular pipes and not for pressure pipes.

I started a dynamo script which works but i have to create points along the curves very close (0.1) to get line that follows closely the pressure pipe network but is still missing the beginning point and end point. Also, it takes a long time to run because of the number of points require to create it. I would appreciate if you can point me to how to optimize the script. thanks. sorry the forum doesn’t allow me to attach files because its a new account.

You can see this link

If possible, attach the dynamo file
And an example drawing

Hi @cesar5688433 I created the attached graph a while back, it creates AutoCAD Lines and Arcs at pipe centerline elevations from a Pressure Network. 3D Polylines didn’t work for me because of diverging pipes (for service connection from the main) also Pressure network bends are curves which are not supported in a 3D Polyline.
hope it helps,
PressureToAutoCAD.dyn (36.3 KB)