Find Dimensions with Global Parameter and change their Type

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As above,I’ve been trying to create a graph that does just that - finds dims in a view that bear a Global parameter and then change their Type to a designated Dimension Type.

So far, not much success but well. here we are:

And this is a warning I’m getting when running the graph:

Clearly, I’ve done something that Dynamo disagrees with!

I have also attached the graph:

WIP.Dimension.Type.Globalparameter.SetType.dyn (23.8 KB)

Any help, hugely appreciated.

Many thanks


I’m not sure exactly what you are wanting, sorry about that… I would be surprised if a Dimension Element had an Instance or Type Parameter connected to a Global Parameter? It would be more usual for a Wall Element for example? Could you include a couple of screen grabs from Revit?

The set parameter node is telling you that the storage type is not a String (text), you need to feed a (family) Type instead. You’ll see there is a dynamo node which you could use?


I hope that helps,


Cheers Mark,

Since we are using Global Parameters to keep various elements in place and since they may change having GPs makes it easier for us to update those in one go.

This means w have so called CHECK views where we show what necessary for, well, checking.
In this this case Dims linked to Global Parameters should use a specific Dim Type so they appear in a colour that differs from other Dim Types.

So, the idea behind the graph is to locate the dims linked to GPs that are not the type they should be and change their types to the correct one.
Ive managed to make it work although it seems to me that the graph could be make more compact.


So the part which I’m not clear on…

we are using Global Parameters to keep various elements in place

the dims linked to GPs

So we can use the dimension to get the element, then get the global parameter from that element type or instance? Does that sound about right?



Hi Mark,

Im not sure TBH, Global Parameter is applied to a dim between elements - see the below pic.

As you can see the dims are in Pink due to the Dim Type used, so the plan is if someone used a different Dim Type than the one highlighted in Properties Box the script finds them and then changes their Type to the correct one.


Ok, interesting workflow :slight_smile: cool, looks good.

So the beginning part of your graph looks right, is it just the setting of Type which is breaking?



Cheers Mark,

Although not sure how it worked as it had an error - I’ve updated the graph to read the ID correctly and it seems to work now :wink:

A.Dimension.Type.GlobalParameter.SetType.dyn (48.2 KB)

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Awesome, great work!