Dynamo node to change dimensions and parameters

Hello there. i have made a dynamo nodes to adjust my parameters. I have figured out with my Lenght parameter which is “Extrusion Start to Extrusion End”, now the next thing i need to do it with my “Mywidth” Parameter, which is dimension, and it doesn’t pop up in the family parameter list in Dynamo. How can i add it there to do same manipulations with that exact parameter? What shoud i do? Thank you in advance!

Have you tried these:

That is a type parameter, so you would have to get the family type from the family instance, and review the parameters which it has. The resulting value can be set there, but know that all the instances will receive the same value as you can’t vary type parameters.

let me try, thank you sir

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how do i do that?

i suggest that Extrusion is my only Parameter here, and “Mywidth” is my dimension, how do i make manipulations with dimension “Mywidth” in Dynamo? or how do i turn a dimension to a parameter?

i tried first one and this is what i get

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here is a example of set type parameter value and instance parameter value.

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Are you trying to set the parameter value from within the family document as you’re showing here? Or from within a revit project?

The context will dramatically differ the required solution

Whoops sorry was on mobile and I thought you were in a family, I can now see it’s a project so use the methods above :slight_smile:

i get the same warning

and the right node i just can’t find it by using search bar

That’s because you’ve now added an extra node by the look of your screen grab below.

i updated the screens, check them again please dear Alien

wait, am i not in the family?

You tell me :sweat_smile:

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