Find an Element by Parameter Name

Does anyone know of a node that will get the Element given a parameter value? (Or a method)

I have tried to use the Archi-Lab node by @Konrad_K_Sobon but I keep getting an error: parametername

I have tried to use List logic ==, but I cant get it right.

Could you please post an image with all of the results windows visible and also what the error is saying? It will make it much easier to help you.

Here is how this works:

Imagine you have some walls that have a comments parameter filled out with something like “This is value 1”, and you want to find them:

Notice that “rule” input is an optional input so it can be set to default by right clicking on the input itself.

If you want to select multiple groups of elements that match some values you can do that. So imagine I have two walls that have Comments set to “This is value 1”, and two more with Comments set to “This is value 2”. Here’s how to get them:


Hi @Ben.AR

Since you’re filtering doors elements just change elementType input from FamilyInstance to Doors. Good Luck!

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