Selecting Element by Parameter Value

I am trying to select all doors but it does not work, the node does not filter the doors with the “Window Covering” parameter with "“FILM” value. Please see attached image. Thank you very much,

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Try a List.FilterByBoolMask node instead.

  1. All Elements of Category node as you were before.
  2. Element.GetParameterValueByName node as you were before.
  3. Build a bool from the results by feeding the parameter values into the A input of an == node, and a string “FILM” into the B input.
  4. List.FilterByBoolMask node with the Element list as the list (#1) and the booleans from the == node as the bool.
  5. The IN output should be the elements with the FILM value, the OUT output will be the rest.

Hi Jason,

Thank you very much for your help , that worked perfectly.

Out of curiosity, why do you think the “ElementFilterbyParameterNameAndValue” node did not work?

Thanks again,


Not sure - it’s not one I have used in the past.

What package is that node from?

P.S: His name is Jacob by the way.

@oskyparkin , you can try this way also;

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Does this node still work in 2022 & 23? I just tried to use it and no UI popped up.

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