Filtering sum of length parameter by another parameter

Hey Everyone!
Hoping this is fairly simple to achieve but it seems really daunting for me at this point since I haven’t been in dynamo for a little while. I have a graph that works with conduit run schedules which are inherently tricky to work with. My conduit elbows have a parameter embedded in them called “TRUE LENGTH”. What I am looking to do is have Dynamo find all of my “TRUE LENGTH” parameters that are built into my conduit fittings and add them all up while filtering out those sums by a FEEDER # parameter. Right now I am able to get the totals in the conduit run schedule, but what I am struggling with is how to get them to total up the lengths for specific Feeder #'s. what ends up happening is it totals up the true length values for all of the fittings in the model but I cannot get it to filter those lengths and total them by a Feeder # parameter. See my snapshot below for what I have so far. Any ideas or input would be really appreciated.

Hi @mnewton

Where is your FEEDER # on your graph? You can use “==” node along “FilterByBoolMask” to filter them by FEEDER #.

I just didnt show the whole graph because it is huge. Hopefully this snapshot will help make it more clear.

the math sum is what I want to filter under the “TRUE LENGTH” group. Hopefully that clears things up a bit.

TRUE LENGTH.dyn (23.9 KB)

I figure attaching the graph would probably help out more than just sending snapshots :slight_smile:

Hi @mnewton Try this script Conduit Run Script Prefab Fittings Test.dyn (116.7 KB)

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Thanks Kulkul that worked perfectly.