Filtering Sheets by Title Block

I’m trying to create a sheet set only for sheets that have an 11x17 title block and am going in circles. So far I can collect the sheets and the title blocks, but I’m having a case of the Mondays and can’t figure out how to filter the list of sheets by the type of title block they have. Once filtered the Python creates the set with no issues - don’t recall exactly where the Python came from but most likely this thread.


Luckily, in Revit a sheet is essentially a view. So using that logic, we can collect “things” in the view.

So to break it down a bit:

  1. Collect Sheets
  2. Get all of Titleblock category in each “view” (sheet), using Springs.Collector.ElementsInView.
  3. Compare against a chosen titleblock type
  4. Filter into two lists


Much more elegant. Thanks! :beers:

I did try it early on with the Springs.Collector.ElementsInView but it took a while to run (job is under construction and there are a lot of sheets), although tinkering with it just now it looks like I can chain from the Springs.Collector.Sheets to the ElementsInView node (woo!) I’ll look at it a bit more this afternoon and see how it goes :grin:

@john_pierson I think beaker package has also a node called “Collector.SheetTitleBlock”


Lol, it sure does! (That’s mine as well). I was mostly offering the solution using what Chad had already used some of, (springnodes). :joy:

Hello John,

I used your script and it works perfectly but I also need this for families is there a way that you can create a custom node “Family.Name” like the one of “Element.Name” ? :slight_smile:
The Spring package does not have this node that I want.

Do you mean like this? If you do it’s in the Orchid package.