Filtering Lists

Im having some trouble filtering my list for some reason…

I have a list of strings coming from an excel file that match pattern types in Revit, I have 136 items in the list that i want to match with a fill pattern, goal is to have a list of 136 fill patterns, the String. Contains node seems to hav

the correct true/false but the list.filter node isn’t working, I’m sure its something simple…

Change inputs! For String.Contains SearchFor will be your list from excel.
then you need to find if one of the items in the list is true. Use booleans.AnyTrue
Also set lacing of filter by bool mask to auto not cross product

There is a problem with the length of your lists. Check this example:

Neither solutions actually get what I need, if 100 patterns come from the excel file, each one needs to be linked with a fill pattern in the model, so the output needs to be 100 fill patterns in the order in which they were entered, maybe this table will help explain…

Easy, switch the two lists in my graph and the input in the filter. Done

The output appears to be a list of strings, rather than a list of fill patterns?

Haha, sorry pal, I was cutting corners here.
In the filter input the list of patterns with the list of booleans and it will return a list of patterns. As long as you have the boolean list you can filter anything you like as result.

The reason is because you’re using cross-product lacing on your Filter.ByBoolMask node instead of list levels. The mask input should be @L2.