List filter by bool mask not going as planed

Hi all, I’m trying to sort thru all my drawing numbers to see what is in a list of drawings.
When I compare my list I get some numbers that don’t match but they are in both lists.

The one list is from numbers currently in Revit, and the other list is from excel list.

I’m using String.Contains and also tested == but end up with the same result.
not quit sure what I am missing, I also tried toggle true and false.

dynamo 2.x

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can we see your input list of the filterbyboolmask?

try something like this. It is due to your lacing and level issue. Things to take note is the cross and longest lacing circled in blue. your number of items, circled in red, should be as follow whereby the output will the input multiplied together. and the list.contain is contain the same amount of items as your intended input, circled in black.

another thing to note is that if you use string.contain. make sure that they are converted to string first before passing it into the node. and also if you are using == or item contain. make sure the object type is the same as well.

thanks will try it out and keep you posted.

Thanks @stillgotme I see what I was Missing was the order of my lacing. I also did try the List.Contains at one point but still ran into issues, all because of my lacing.

It’s a fine line to get a script to behave in the intended manner.

Thanks for you help.