Lists of Booleans + Element identification

Hello! I think I’m having a list issue, but I’m not quite sure. I haven’t been able to make sense of other articles yet, so I’m reaching out for help.

I’m working with a list of lists that involve booleans (blue highlight in the image), I’ve tried using the list in a filter by boolean mask with a few different lacing options to try to get the elements that match each unique string (orange highlight in the image). I’m not seeing the end product that I want - I want to maintain the list hierarchy and select the true elements that apply within each list.
I’m fairly comfortable with using a single boolean list as a mask, but I’m not sure how to use multiple lists of booleans on the same list of elements. Is this possible?

Once I have those elements, what’s the best way to use “Index X” of the orange list as an input to a node that is using the true elements from “X list” in the blue list? Will I need to loop while? Will I need to split the lists?

I’m trying to keep this flexible since there will be varying lengths of the unique items list, and a varying number of rooms that match each unique item… but I may be tackling it inefficiently.

Thanks, as always, for your help!

List.AnyTrue or List.AnyFalse may help you to get your lost back in the same level.

Thanks Sean - I switched gears to avoid managing so many lists. It’s set now up to use one value from the left list to mask the elements and is working pretty well. I was possibly trying to over-automate… and doing them one at a time may be more beneficial for the end user in the long run.

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