Filtering Elements not functioning properly

Hello All, I am working on putting together a script to filter and count furniture in a room. I have successfully developed this script in the past but am rebuilding it now for Revit 2021.

Please see attached images, the filtering of elements should provide me with just the chairs in the rooms (and not the tables), instead i am getting an empty list. Not sure if i am overlooking something very basic or if there is a glitch with the packages. Would appreciate if anyone can take a look! Thanks!

Properties of Furniture Family:

@faizanzaidi …does it work with element.element.type ?

@sovitek Thanks for taking a look. Yes, it does work with Element.ElementType. But then i am unable to feed the filtered list into FamilyInstance.Room.

Also, in the past i never had to use the Element.ElementType node…

@sovitek Or getting a traceback error with the Elements In Room node:

hello…here is an example how to get your family instance from element type…

Here is another way you can filter your element…

@sovitek Thanks for the suggestions! Got it working.

Hello…could your show the solution, dont think the solution has traceback error ???