Room Data Sheet - Sheet Selection

There is some hidden client info but otherwise the code we are trying to use is shown below. When trying to use the Filter Elements by Parameter String from of the Rhythm package it continues to return an empty list though the other nodes are clearly picking up the right title block families and family types from the active document. I’m trying to filter by all family types from the same one room data sheet title block family to then do further processing on. I was really hoping to use this node because it appears to do exactly what we need. I’ve tried feeding it several types of elements and category lists from the left hand side (and configured it to try the Rhythm Filter by Numerical Value node too) but can’t seem to figure out what this node needs to work. I’m working on REVIT 2017.2 and Dynamo 1.3.2.

Your sheets have a parameter named family? If you could DM me a small sample file I could take a quick look.

A bit too tight with time to send the file at the moment but I did confirm the family’s parameter name through one of the nodes that gets all of the family’s parameters. So it’s definitely there to filter by to the best of my knowledge.

This is what is returned when you get Family as a parameter.

It is returning a revit element. This is then being converted to a string and not the actual name of the element. That is how the node works. It returns whatever value you get as a string. So in this case you would get the following,
Which means that unless you are filtering by “ViewFamilyType” as your input value, nothing is coming out.

Also, samples files are helpful when asking for help. I understand we are all busy, but it really helps this process.

That being said, this should do what I think you are trying to do @PerfectArchCo .

I was toying with the idea of building in a string search step but that seemed overly complicated since filtering lists like this is something I assumed to be very common. I guess in the end in the Dynamo Language the easiest more predictable way of achieving these sorts of complex element filters is by string? I’ll try to run these corrects in in a bit.

Worked like a charm. I will have to remember to just filter everything by strings when possible instead of guessing the exact type of object these nodes are outputting. The string processing logic of dynamo seems pretty robust if other examples on the forum are any indication. Thanks for helping keep things moving forward @john_pierson .