Door.Rooms Error


I was trying to build a filter and run the Door.Rooms node onto this Filtered List .

I have run into an error:

“Warnung:FamilyInstance.ByFamilyType erwartet Argumenttyp(en) (FamilyType), wurde jedoch mit (Revit.Elements.FamilyInstance) abgerufen.”

Hope someone could help me with it.

Hi @kunal,

You have already obtained the door elements :


wow… that was quick and worked like a Charm.
Thanks a bunch @Alban_de_Chasteigner

Okay, that solved one. But then I ran into the next:

Warning: Internal error, please report: Dereferencing a non-pointer.

The Door.Rooms node is returning Null values.
Any ideas? I am sure this is something simple I am missing. Other posts on the forum suggest reinstalling the package or restarting Revit might help. Tried both. No luck.

Thanks for your tips. Cheers, K

Got it working.
Found this post which seems to have had similar compiling issues:

Next hiccup:
Trying to filter the Null in the list using the above post.

The bool mask gives me a single result.

Not sure where I am wrong…

Any help is appreciated, thankyou.
Cheers, K

Check your list levels/lacing; it looks like you are outputting a 3 level list from the Door.Rooms node. You might need to set your List.Equals ObjectA input to level 2.

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Thanks for your reply @AnthonyZ
I tried that:

The mask doesnt seem to capture anything.

Raum-TürNummer.dyn (27.5 KB)
Here is the script…

The bool mask wouldn’t capture the null values.

I got only one part of script working, I appreciate any insights to compile without error/warnings.

This got the job done for the time being…

Nice, glad you were able to get it working. I suspect your issue with the bool.mask is that the data type null is not a string. Rather than type “Null” into the code block, try typing null.

Also wanted to ask if you tried using the List.Clean node to strip out nulls. If you set the preserve indices input to false, you are able to remove nulls from your list inputs:

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There is a node IsNull that I would suggest you use for the book mask.


Thanks for the Tip, List.Clean works brilliant.

Cheers, K

Thanks a ton Sean.
Isnull is like a shortcut. Worked like a charm.

Cheers, K

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