Probelm with Element.Name node on Element Parameter filtered List

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I want to know if I am doing something wrong, or if this is an issue with the Element.Name node. I am working in REVIT 2015 on version As you can see, the node works as intended when from the category directly, through the BoolMask, but not when you filter by a parameter value. As you can see, there are materials present in the list, but it is not pulling them out. Anyone have any suggestions or alternatives? I have tried to use Element.Name (Universal) from clockwork, but when I do I get a bunch of empty lists and in my working file it is ruing my excel write because it is flattening the list and I have unequal lengths. Yes, I also did try to chop it but it still didn’t work. Thoughts?</td>
<td> Element Name Issue</td>

Does this help?


Yes Antony,

That is what I ended up using to get me moving, but I was looking more for a reason why it was /wasn’t working or if it is a bug, or something I am doing rather than just using a work around. Thanks for your reply.

Sean, some of the built-in nodes are quite strict regarding their input values. In your case, the Element.Name node fails because your list does not only contain materials but also empty strings. As you can see below, a more robust alternative is the Element.Name (Universal) node from package Clockwork.



thanks for the reply and I have tried that custom node as well, the problem I was having with it was it was flattening my list of inputs going in and when trying to join back up with the rest of my information it was throwing an error on the excel write node. As I mentioned, I did try chopping it back down but couldn’t get that to work either. I have another suggest from J0hnp that I am going to try, but if not I got it working through using after he suggestion. -Thanks

WorkingWith J0hnp’s help, I was able to resolve the issue. It came down to the Element.Name node does not handle empty or null items in the list. Not all of my items had a material applied to them yet and therefore the node was causing an error. Therefore, I used quick graph to populate all of the Materials with “Default” and that got the Element.Name node working correctly.

Thanks for everyone’s help.