Filter by bool mask is failing by string

hello, I have a script that is separating families by Get.FamilyName, via a String.Contains and a Filter by bool mask node. However, it is somehow failing and putting empty in the list rather than the actual family. this is causing (i believe) the parameters that I need to be populated to these families to not get populated. So I checked these element IDs in revit and they are indeed the same type of family as the ones that get populated correctly so what gives?
what is going on and how do I fix it?

You’re not seeing an Empty List, you’re seeing that weird “empty” element that I’ve only seen show up inconsistently and appears to be related to not ending a transaction… Seeing more of the graph w/ previews would be easier to figure out the problem. Are you creating and/or deleting any elements involved? Does the List.FilterByBoolMask node before the one you are indicating show the empty elements or does it only start appearing at that node?

Well this is the second time I ran the script. After I froze some other sections to help speed it up. could that be the cause. …no I dont believe so