Filtering/Create BOM/CUTLIST

I am attempting to make a Bill of Materials/Cut list that I have read about in another thread. I have been able to break down my selected assembly to their structural steel members. I have attempted every way I can think of to sort the members into a list by their selves. ex C12x25 in one list, L2x2x1/8 in another list, L3x3x1/2 in another list and so on. I to keep all of the member of each type in order to move on with the next step. I have attempted several to do this in several ways but I cant get it to work. I am including pics and the script. any help would appreciated.

Structure BOM.dyn (27.8 KB)

Have you tried GroupByKey?

I dont know that node. I will check it out

Attempted to use that node. It gave me a group for every instance of steel in the list.

I figured it out. thank you