Need to split a list in 2 with a filter

Hello all,

i have made some alignments in Civil 3D which include straight Lines and Arcs. But i need to filter these 2 alignment types into 2 different lists while not losing any information stored within these lines / arcs.

This is a visual version of my problem, thanks in advance!

Object.Type node, followed by a List.GroupByKey node, where the list is your data and the key is your object types, both set to @L2.

This will insert another sub level on your list.

hey thank you for this quick reply. but this sadly doesnt work for me. Look:
(I also tried putting my object type into “Keys” and vice versa but this also doesnt work.)

Sorry, I may have been clear. Your list and key are backwards. :slight_smile:

yeah i also tried that, i forgot to mention that (i edited after)

What is the result of the inputs in the other order?

almost the exact same. dont have a screenshot at the moment but it doesnt really say anything usefull, still cuts at the wrong data

Seems to work for me:

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Hey Jacob, i tried it again and now it seems to work! thank you so much!!

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