Filtering a list by VectorIsParallel

Hey Guys, I´ve got some surfaces and the Points in the middle of that surfaces. I create a vector through each Point and compare them two zweo separate vectors.
I get obviusly correct results in the lists. And when I further use the node List.FilterByBoolMask I also get some potentielly correct results. After that I filter those lists with the “==”-node and List.FilterByBoolMask again. Now on the one Hand I get correkt surfaces with one vector. On the other Hand I get wrong results in the “==”-node.

The Question is about the third Picture.

Does anyone know why I can´t filter the correct surfaces? If I sort that list or drop some items, I´ll always get the wrong surfaces. Somehow after filtering the Elements seem not to be connected to the IDs.

The rvt and dyn are attached.Filtering a list by VectorIsParallel.dyn (111.6 KB) Filtering a list by VectorIsParallel.rvt (3.5 MB)

Could you also include the other input, which is now outside the screenshot?
Because i am getting other inputs from the node. :slight_smile:

Of Course. But I guess it´s easier to download the script


you should use Levels like in screenshot.

Thanks for your help. But actually those are the wrong surfaces.

I Need the surfaces which have normals in the same direction. That´s why I use this Vector.IsParallel-node. The surfaces in the Picture above Show the surfaces I Need. The second vector should adress the surfaces on the opposide side of the Elements.

It is all about levels. Now it should be okay.

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Thank you very much. That´s the solution I needed. I really appreciate your help.

I´m going to look into lists and levels much deeper.

Best regards