Filtering intersecting solids

Hello guys!

it’s my first post here in the forum, so if I did the post wrong my apologies.
I developed a dynamo that indentifies if a solid intersects the other,
first I select all the families and then all the other families that I want to check if they intersects, however I’m facing troubles when there is more than 1 solid, it needs to associate the solids that intersects the other and join both, I don’t know how to filter just the two solids that are intersecting in the list :frowning:

Hi ,

Looking at the setup you have now you would want to change the inputs around of the Geometry.DoesIntersect node, since you want to get 8 results per Solid.

As option A: I would suggest flattening both your Element.Geometry nodes output, to keep the nodes later on more manageable.

As option B: Then I would suggest replacing your List.Flatten node with a List.NormalizeDepth node with a depth of 2.

PS: I don’t know which list levels/ lacing you might need from the top of my head, if you still aren’t able to figure it out, please upload some sample files (Dynamo/ Host if applicable).

Thank you very much! It worked