Help! Filtering Point Z list

I am trying to filter a list of topology vertices that I’ve got from a solid.

I whant to get the list of points with a (Z point=0) as an example, in this list there is only one sublist that has all the vertices as (Z=0), can’t get a way to filter only the sublist with the Z=0.

Thank’s for your help

Hi @Jose_Goncalves ,

I think an “AllTrue” node with it’s lacing set to longest placed between your “==” and “List.FilterByBoolMask” will do the trick

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Hey Mostafa Thank you!!!
Didn´t knew this node. :slight_smile:

It works, but as I’ve got a list with sublists and it get’s rather strange to get it filtered. I’ve tryed the lacing in various ways and th one that get’s me the result I whant has the filtered list by boolean in OUT of the node.

I really am not very familiar with the 1.2.0 new node concepts of “use levels” and “keep list structure”.

Thank you again Mostafa

@Jose_Goncalves Glad I could help.
You have the right intuition, “keep list structure” is what will help you do this the cleanest way :

Now I’ve got it Mostafa, I’ve cleaned it and got the right result’s!!!

Thanks again.

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