Filter with Multiple Parameters

I cannot for the life of me figure out how to filter with multiple parameters. All I want is to remove the items in list one from list two. I know one of you are going to make this incredably easy and make me feel like an idiot but I simply can not figure it out.

It looks like its working because the lacing is set to logiest but its really only running Shaft Openings a bunch of times and the first three once.

Thank you,




Thank you so much. I am still new to dynamo and how everything functions. Making the change from grasshopper.

I am going to package this up nice and tight and submit it to Rhythm Github page.

Thank you again for this and all the other post you have helped me with.

Glad to hear it helped!

I actually figured out that if you change the lacing on contains to “Cross Product” it drastically minimizes the graph.

I also noticed that Mark Thorley’s Zebra package has a similar node that does this, but has much more under the hood. Maybe suggest the revision to him?


I like to filter elements in a similar matter and have a node that does just that in spring nodes, called “Filter.ByCategoryName”. You can also use partial category names.

Also the built-in “All Elements In Active View” node was performing very poorly for me on a larger project, so I suggest you try the “Collector.ElementsInView” node instead.

Thank you for taking it a step further. I will make the suggestion to mark.


That is a much simpler approach. I have noticed the pore performance of all elements in view as well. I was looking for one with a view input but could not seem to find it. Thank you for that as well.