All Elements of Type / Tool.eraser not working

Hi All,

I made Dynamo script where Dynamo will list all Parametar elements (with All Elements of type - see attachment).

I am now trying to update that script so that Dynamo uses All elements of type from All Categories except one (or eventually two). Can someone help me with that because I have no idea how to make that?

Best regards, Branimir

I mean is there some node like elements.filter by name but that it filters by category? I would then first filter elements by category and then after by name.

there are lots of nodes in different packages see it this help


Eventually I found in Rhythm package something that could help me. I managed to select all parameters inside the model (All Elements of type), and used that as input for Rhythm node (ElementFilter.ByCategory) where I would like that node filter all parameters inside the model except (doesnotcontain) inside Air Terminals. Is that possible on this way? I don’t know how to setup filter method inside Rhythm node. Please see attachment:


Best regards, Branimir

here’s an example how to filter element, you can start from here

What I would like to achieve with Dynamo is to delete some parameters but exclude some categories.

My idea is something like this:

  1. First of all filter the categories that I want to exclude (in my case duct and pipe fittings) using two lists.
  2. After that I am actually stuck, because I don’t know how to setup Dynamo that uses all Elements of type (Parameter element).
  3. After that I will filter any eventual parameters that I don’t want to delete
  4. Use node delete.

I would appreciate any help after excluding the categories. How to select all the parameters from all the elements from the filtered categories?

Best regards, Branimir

Hi All,

I managed to produce dynamo script based on my idea, but I have a problem on last step. When I filter parameters according to my inputs I use Tool.Eraser nood to delete them all from file, but it seems that it isn’t working. Anyone has a clue why?

Best regards, Branimir

How would you accomplish this task manually?

By deleting parameters from family?

And one more thing…When script is set like this everything is deleted:

I can’t figure out what is wrong with the other script…

In graph 1 you don’t have elements, but parameters and their values.

In graph 2 you’re selecting parameter elements (note the green highlighted numbers). This is removing them from walls, floors, pipe and duct fittings… they just don’t exist anymore. Attach the same project parameter to a wall and a duct, then try and remove it from just the duct manually. I think this will clarify the issue for you.

Is there any node that transfers parameters (graph 1) to parameter elements (graph 2)?

The thing is that I want to remove parameter elements, but not all of them… And first I filter the categories where I don’t want to remove anything… In graph 2 I don’t know how to exclude deletion from some categories. I attached the whole non working script.

Test_New.dyn (14.9 KB)

Any ideas?

Best regards, Branimir


I have a question related to your approach. Can Dynamo report in which category belongs each of the parameters? See attachment please.

Best regards, Branimir

yes, use clockwork node