List Filtering By Multiple Strings

I’m trying to clean up my graph a bit and am curious if there is a better approach to filtering than just daisy chaining List.FilterByString nodes. For one or two inputs it isn’t terrible but when I have a big list the chances of missing something or lacing incorrectly goes up quite a bit. Purpose of the graph is to help clean up families by deleting sub-categories that are excessive and don’t belong, leaving the ones I want to keep.

I just tried Vikram’s solution in this thread and John’s solution in this thread with out much luck. odds are it is something dumb but I’m stumped…


DeleteSubCategories_Forum.dyn (66.0 KB)

I used walls in this example, but the idea is there. (Also using OOTB nodes primarily)

EDIT- The blue section should have said “Note the cross product lacing”

Hi @Chad_Clary

Have you tried List @ Level Functionality

Filtering the list per @john_pierson 's suggestion (BoolMask) works to separate the list but when I connect it to the Tool.Eraser nothing is actually processed and erased (it returns a null). Any thoughts on why?

The upside is I figured out List@Level thanks to John & @Kulkul :smiley:

edit: forgot the updated graph

You need to put the subcategories into the list input on the “List.FilterByBoolMask” node. Right now it is outputting strings

That fixed it. Thanks! :beer:

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