Multiple boolean on parametervalue


I am quite new to Dynamo, hoping someone can help me with this problem:

I would like to retrieve the volume of elements that match three filters. The first one is the input of the Mark parameter, which works perfectly. However, i would like to add two more parameters to my filter.

For example,

Mark == 1
Comments == 2
Workset == 3

Is there any way to do this?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Rik,
Welcome to the Dynamo community.

You can do something like below where you check each parameter subsequently.
Option-1.dyn (36.5 KB)

Or you can check all values once by merging them together,
Option-2.dyn (30.4 KB)

You can either string all three filters together (filter by Mark, then by Comments, then by Workset) or you can combine them and check one condition.

EDIT: Looks like Amol beat me to it. :+1:

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Thanks for your reply.

It seems to filter right, but it does not retrieve the right part (170). Any idea why?

@Rik Try adding a List.Flatten node.

Very nice, great learning material :slight_smile: