Filter walls and color them

Hee everybody,

I have a little question.

I want to filter the walls that are fire resistant “brandwerend”. If the walls are filtert, i want the to gif them a different color.
The only thing that is difficult is filter the walls

If the fire resistant is on YES, i need them a color.
The color part I found on the tab Help --> Sampels --> Color

Hello, this could help you to filter your list:

Thanks @Yna_Db

The seccond question is. How could I get the original wall back? Because if the wall isn’t fire resistant any more, he will stay red.

This could be what you are looking for:

@Yna_Db Thank you :smiley:

I know that you marked the answer already, but I honestly think you should not be using Element Override for this. This is a clear cut case of creating and applying a view filter that would make everything much easier. It would require no Dynamo and roughly 10 min to implement. This might be a perfect example of where person that holds a hammer (Dynamo) sees every problem as a nail (something to be solved by Dynamo). There is clearly a non-computational solution to your problem that OOTB Revit provides. Why not use it?