Filter by Structural Usage

I am sure I am just having a hard time since it is still early in the morning, but I want to filter all Structural Framing members in a specific view by Structural Usage. I want to select all framing members that have a Structural Usage that has been set to “Other”.

Just having a hard time this morning.

Something like this?


yep. thanks so much.

I’m still having an issue filtering out Structural Usage = “Girder”

Even though I have several elements with the Structural Usage set equal to “Girder”, the value of the operator is still set equal to “false”.

You will need the parameter value instead of the parameter…

Here is an illustration to what @Yna_Db said: (you used the wrong node)

You are asked for if it explicitly matches “a = a” but if you are just going to utilise partial strings then you need to use the string contains node instead but also making use the value out is a string in the first instance(use to string node to convert to string if needed).

If you do not want to use string contains then you need to put “Structural Usage : Girder” into the speach bubbles instead of “Girder”

Thank you for your help!

Example of what i meant is here, added the string form opject to make sure the information was a string.