Color Elements in View filtered by Type Parameter

Hi guys,

I have to make a dynamo program to paint elements by type parameters to visual verify, and happened this:

How to fix this?


Hey I am not sure i perfectly understand you, are you trying to override color by wall function or by wall types?

Maybe this is what you are trying to do. The issue is the parameter you are trying to verify is a TYPE parameter not an INSTANCE parameter. So you have to get the family type and then the function. Hope this helps.


Why not simply use Filters?

Filters work great for limited simple datasets. There are more complex checks where colorizing can aid a visual check that can’t be accomplished directly with filters. An example would be running a QC check on beams to check reinforcement based on a formula that accesses other parameter concurrently. A second example is when the colorizing requires a significant number of filters, such as color coding member sizes. Its very time consuming and taxing on model efficiency to have a unique filter for every member size. Instead use dynamo to override the objects and schedule via color. Certainly filters are great for some conditions but anything beyond the simple tasks usually Dynamo is better suited.

just my .02

Hi @Azubike_Ononye!

Thanks for the help, but didn’t work :frowning:

I did like your print screen, but no work. I’m sending to you my print screen for verify that I doing wrong.

Thanks for the help and sorry for noobs questions.

Yea this is not tricky but you just have to spend some time understanding list structures.

If you look at the group by key node, the group output is a list made up of two list, with each list containing elements (walls). Now the list structure of the output from your “list.chop” node, needs to match the group output.

With all this said, click on the the arrow beside color in the override node and make it “@L1

Hi Azubike.

I’m trying learn more about Dynamo and Revit too. I’m a new user on both and this is the cause of many problems that I have on use.
If you have other material or site to learn more about Dynamo, I really apreciated. I looking all the time sites like archi-lab, think parametric and others to found any answers for my questions and learn more, but for now, I have so many noob questions ><

And here is other question: :smile:

I did the change that u said on the color input, but for any reason do not worked again. :confused:

I’m played the program, and is completed, but nothing is changed on my model.

Thanks for the help!

Its not a problem… The more you practice/use the softwares the better as with anything in life. In terms of materials, you are on the right track. The dynamo primer ( is a good place to start from.

Try using a color picker node instead of the color.ARGB node.

Hi Azubike! I would like to ask you if you can share the color picker as you use it in this screen, without using the UI.color Picker as I cannot use the refresh (boolen) value.

Thank you in advance!

Hey - try this.

Hi Azubike, I previously used these .dll, but my Dynamo tells me it is impossible to import them, as for the other .dll of UIplusplus from Dynamo download .dll.
In addition, there are no .dyf nodes there.
My dynamo is for Dynamo Core and Dynamo Revit. I use Revit 2019