Filter wall list by IDs


i want to split wall list into 2 lists and then auto join it - you can see the attached pictures. something wrong with Node “IDs to element” at line 56. Please help me! ^^!pic 1 pic 2


Hi An Le,

Can you re-post your second image unable to read.


Oh! I’m sorry, kulkul, here you are!! thank you ^^Capture


Hi An Le,

I think your looking to get wall type ids and combine those ids with walls. See below graph.



hi Kulkul,thank for your support, i found another way, but there are too many elements so my computer was out of action, i have to select elements instead of selecting by categories. After much toing and froing i found under 500 elements is OK. Do you have any good ideas :slight_smile: hic


Try with some other nodes see if it helps. Below is an example of “Spring Nodes” & “Steam Nodes”.