Obtaining Revit.elements.wall from Revit.elements.walltype

good morning. I have a problem in a script i created for a project with the aim of giving the correct exposition to the various walls present in that project. As you can see from the screenshot i have a list of 840 elements of object type Revit.elements.wall. if i use that as an input to wall.orientation it works pretty well, the problem is that i need only the 128 elements in the list below which i have already filtered with some nodes; that list as you can see is made up of Revit.elements.walltype, not allowing me to correctly run the script. Is there a way to convert the 128 elements again in their relative Revit.elements.wall object type? Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi @umberto95,

You can use the SelectByType node.

thank you @Alban_de_Chasteigner , you’re saving me again :slight_smile:
So, if i understood the idea is to create a list.join with many inputs as my WallType?

Nope. You already have your list of WallTypes.
My list of 2 WallTypes with List.Join is only an example.

Many thanks. Could you explain me why from a list of 128 elements if i plug in the node you said before it creates a list of 6460 elements in which i have 128 sublists with many elements inside? I thought that the 128 elements of the node before were already instances, and not types.

@Alban_de_Chasteigner i solved it on my own. I connected a flatten list to the output and then a list.uniqueitems.
Thanks again for your precious help!

Hello there. Is there a chance that you can post it here? hehe