Help for filter walls with and without windows


Hello, I have filtered the walls separating in exteriors and interiors, and now I would filter again separating the exterior walls with windows and without windows, could someone help me where I am wrong? Thank you.


There might be a better way, but you can always compare your list of walls with all the walls that host windows.


Thanks for replay Nick, i did here and work perfectly. Can you help with more one time? I need to identify the room that the walls belong to. Thank you.


Compare that filtered list to the results of the room.boundaries node.


Jacob there is a node to compare? Thanks


Same way you did before, but now you have more options to track.


I will try and post if i do. Thanks


sorry for my ignorance, I tried several lists to compare the results, but I could not separate the walls in each room. can you help me?


Rebuilding all your work to this point is a bit more involved than I have time for at the moment (I have a ton of work on my plate a few long flights this weekend so I have no ‘catch up’ time). That said your group by key node is failing as there are four rooms acting as keys, but only 3 walls acting as your list, so neither me nor you nor dynamo knows which wall is associated with which room. Best to filter linearly when possible and not return to the source a second time.

Also, your current data flow doesn’t make sense to me. It may be that I’m missing something due to only seeing partial snips of the graph, but it looks like you’re getting rooms to get walls, then filtering out interior walls and then tying to get windows, to get walls, then getting rooms again to find out which walls in each room have a window and which don’t…

Like I said I’m missing the big picture but I’m guessing that there is a better way to make pork sausage that doesn’t involve having to buy land to build a barn and pastures so you can keep cows to provide milk for the cat you need to keep the mice out of the weeks worth of pig food you keep in storage when the pig food delivery guy comes each Tuesday. Generally once my sketch of steps reaches this level of complexity I tear it out and star a new one on the next page (yes it’s pen and paper in a notebook).

Can you shed some light on what you’re actually after here, and why? I’m guessing we can get from your start point to the desired goal faster and more efficiently by taking a different approach (ie: buy milk).