How can i make group element by name?



Hi everybody! I would like to make group by begining of name of type walls . One at list “1-IN” … and the other at “1-Ex” . Anybody can help me :D. Thank you so much !



I’m trying to group by the other way - group by thickness of wall …

Hi An Le,

You need adjust your graph a little bit. Use wall.type name node with groupbykey to get different wall types. And to get thickness of walls use Clockwork package node called “FamilyType.compoundStructuralLayers”. Good Luck!

Wall group1


Wall group

hi Kulkul! !! i am trying to auto join finished wall with structure walls, joining with small projects are very easy but large projects are not, it is a reason why i have to filter walls to 2 groups. Big thank to you and nice Weekend!! :slight_smile: