Filter and sort one list by values from another list

I am trying to recreate the output produced by ElementFilter.ByParameterStringValue node but without using the Rhythm node.
Basically I need the list of Title Blocks to be filtered by, and then ordered in the same numerical order as the list of Sheet Numbers.

I’ve had a number of unsuccessful attempts. This is a cry for help :grinning:

The Rhythm node does this job perfectly well. I’m just trying to solve this riddle for my own understanding.


Get the list of all titleblocks > use this list to get their sheet using “Element OwnerView” node > sort the list of sheets (their indices actually) by their sheet number using SortIndexByValue node > use the sorted indices to order the first list for titleblocks using GetItemAtIndex node.

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dictionary.dyn (16.1 KB)

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Thanks @Vikram_Subbaiah.

Brilliant, that absolutely is the answer.

I was using List.Contains and List.SortByKey with no success. I don’t understand why your solution works, but it does exactly what I was after. I’ll do some research.

Thanks again for you help.

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