Sorting list. or what?

Hey there, i have this list, wich is a list of a parameter from some elements, but this is filtered so i get a list with the ones containing what im looking for. Now i want to get a parameter from the elements that i got the parameter from, does this make any sense at all? :slight_smile: Hope so or else i can elaborate and ofc. provide full graph.


For this case, can you use the same bool mask and filter the original list of elements? That should get you the elements that you can then get the parameter from.

can you show the whole graph ? and the output for each node ?

Hope this help, im aware that im not expressing my self so clearly :slight_smile:

I cant use the same boolean mask, bechause its to different parameters i want to merge in to one.

Create sheets from views.dyn (75.8 KB)
The .dyn aswell

The bool mask should still work. All you need are the true or false. Here is an example using something similar to your workflow:

By taking the parameter (‘Base Constraint’ here) of all walls, I check it for only the ones that are at level 25 (group #2). This gives me a list of true/false which I can use to filter the parameters.

I can also take the same true/false to filter the original list of elements so that I can get the same elements in the same order as the ‘Base Constraint’ parameter. With the elements, I find the next parameter I want (‘Top Constraint’). This is in group #3.

From there, you can do whatever you want. I combined the parameters and transposed them so that I have each wall’s base and top constraints grouped together (group #4).

The main problem I can see in your workflow would be the List.Clean node. You would have to take out the same elements as the parameters you removed. But you could probably just remove the List.Clean node altogether.

as i understand, if you want to get values from the parameter above, based on parameter value from #this then you should connect the parameter direct to the filter, and the mask is from this

Thx som much Kenny, it was that simple :wink:

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Thx som much, it was actually that simple :slight_smile:

Maybe one of you guys know, how to sort a list by alphabet, og by numeric?

use List.Sort, it will sort the value if it was numbers or alphabetic

Thx :slight_smile: