Filter selected per Revit Type

Could someone tell me what is wrong here? By the way the parameter is in Revit type parameter…
Moreover could I filter the elements selected with respect to their Revit Type with a drop down menu like “Family types” ? Problem is that the specific node does not receive any input…

For user input you can use Data-Shapes package

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What I actually meant is that although the specific parameter exists as user-defined (shared) Type parameter from the collection of all elements and then filtering, seems that it is not recognised!

Switch out your ElementType node for a FamilyType node.

@Nick_Boyts could you be more specific with the node you suggest, cause here nothing seems to work…

Sorry, I forgot that the ElementType node was merged with FamilyType in 2.0. ElementType should now get either the family type or the element type depending on the element. I’m guessing your issue is that some of the elements in the active view are returning nulls. You need to filter for family types (or categories if it’s a project parameter) before getting the parameter value.

OK. Yes, the parmeter is Shared User-defined!!! So if I got it right in this case is impossible to select all elements in active view and then fetch any shared parameter. And the only plausible way is as shown in the picture, right?

It’s not impossible. In fact, errors aren’t always bad and sometimes don’t even “break” your graph. In this case you just have to filter for the elements that actually have that parameter first.

Or you may be able to use the error as part of your filter if your elements already have values assigned to the parameter.

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