Filter lists by intersecting geometry

Hey everyone, i have two lists of surfaces. I want to trim the “divided” surfaces on the right to the height of the surfaces on the left. However the list structure on the on the left doesn’t follow the same list structure as the divided surfaces. is there a way to filter the lists by intersecting faces so i could then trim the divided surfaces to the proper height?


09b - CREATE FORMWORK INNER BEAMS using top.dyn (107.4 KB)


Have you tried cross-lacing a Geometry.Intersect node to see with which Surface they intersect (by looking for the indices of all true values.)

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the lines are created from a point on the surface curves so they should intersect everywhere. i think i understand what you were saying but not sure…

AHHHHH i got it finally!!! my list structure was bad for geometry trim! I got rid of the lines and just extruded the split curves and then trimmed by the original geometry.
Working DYN:
09b - CREATE FORMWORK INNER BEAMS using top.dyn (150.1 KB)

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great to hear it is working for you ! :smiley: