Geometry intersect not giving me a correct answer


i have multiple lines and bunch of cones. I want to extrude the lines that are intersecting with cones only. however, there are lines that are clearly intersecting not extruding.

thank you

The list size being filtered doesn’t match the mask size.

Check the list management on the AllFalse node. I believe you’re looking for 300 items (1 per line), not 3000.

Thank you for the response - yeah I tried to diminish into 300 but no good luck…

I’m guessing when you change to @L2, you only get 10 results?

Try reversing the inputs on the Geometry.DoesIntersect node, that should give you 300 lists of 10 instead of 10 lists of 300.

not working :frowning:
so it works with List.Flatten but I really don’t want to use List.Flatten… need to use these set/group of lines in the future but flattening them will be difficult for me