Create Boolean from Numbers list

Hi All,

I am trying to filter Spaces by Condition type, leaving only spaces that are conditioned (i.e. Heated, Cooled or Heating and Cooled). These are retrieved as numbers, and I have tried to use an equals nodes and list of numbers 0,1,2 (which correspond to the condition types above) but this creates a list of 3 numbers. I have tried lacing, with no improvements.

Essentially, I want to create a filter for numbers, which checks against multiple items and provides true if one of these numbers match. Otherwise it should show False.

Any help would be much appreciated. See snapshot of the dynamo script below.

Thank you

Change lacing to cross product on the == node and then use a list.contains with longest lacing to search for true.

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Might be easier if you use the “List.ContainsItem” node instead: