Filter list by a parameter information


I’m trying to to do the following one:

I’ve got four parameter which it belongs to “walls” category. (Revit blue group). Then, I’ve tried to make a list with this parameters to get a xls file at the end.

The headache comes from… From all the data what I got, I only want what in the parameter “FCC_Zona” has the text “ASCENSOR_2”. You could watch it such as red highlighted in the last node “Watch”. The filter must respect the information of each “List”, I mean, “386 List” must keep “0 ASCENSOR_2”, “1 MF1” “2 ASCENSOR 2 DEFINICIÓN GEOMÉTR”, "3 ", and so, with all which on line “0” has “ASCENSOR_2”.

How could I develope this filter?

Thanks in advance

Did you try using List.OffRepeatedItems node?

You could try filter using a bool mask with List.FirstItem. See attached picture.


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Looks like @kennyb6 and i replied at the same time :slight_smile: both solutions are the same tho :smile:

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Thanks both of you. Solved

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