Filtering a list or a sublist

Is this even possible? I have searched this forum, and I see a lot of similar filters but not really to my needs. So I need your help. As you can see below… I need to filter “workset” with “sheets” on it… and then hoping not to loose the partner below it, revision description. Thanks. FilterList

I think this will help more… the bigger picture.



Try using a dictionary instead of a list.


almost but still no go…



Use the String from Object node to convert the workset parameter into a string that can be used as the key.


If I’ve understood the original intent properly, this should do the needful

Tim, I tried your solution again and still a no go… I believe I did something wrong, and got mixed up with “list” and “string”. I think yours need a string to work? I am really not sure… Vikram, As always, thank you. I will try your solution. But for now I found a work around. Maybe I just need from you guys how to make it clean or lean? But to all who read this thread… Here is what I am trying to do. THE PROBLEM: I need to list all sheets in my drawings and indicate which sheet has the specific revisions in them. Unfortunately, Revit can only schedule “current” revision clouds. So if you have two revision sequence, one is older than the other one, only the newer one will get reported. ATTEMPT TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM: I tried to use Konrad’s solution here… but no go… It keeps saying empty list. Thats why I came here… MY SOLUTION: So here is my solution. At first it did not work, since I am using SHEET in the categories. And it just reporting the same thing and only “CURRENT” revisions is being reported. But then I used the REVISIONCLOUDS option and that worked. Except it also showed views together with the sheets. IMAGE 1 : On the first image (below) I was able to find what Im looking for… IMAGE 2 : Then this is where the problem begins. I really do not know much about DYNAMO. But this one works… and was able to export it to Excel.


And here is the report from Excel…


In your code block… Do I have to type those manually? Or you were able to copy and paste that from somewhere? If not? and I have to type it manually… What if I have 300 sheets?


Thanks again.

Cesar, If it works, it works, nice job. If you want to make it shorter you could do what Vikram was suggesting. I believe he just typed them in because he doesnt have your revit file and was just showing you an example. Since you already have the lists in the first part of the graph you could do the following.

Aha. Thanks for the explanation… I will try it soon… Thanks again for all the help…