Filter Element List by Phase

Is there a way to filter in/out elements based on phase? I’m coming up with a list that has demolished elements. To make it more interesting, my list includes elements from linked models. When I query the phase of linked elements it comes up empty. Any ideas? Thanks!



Hi Derrick,

Below there are 2 graphs -

i) How to filter element list by phase in Current model.

ii) How to filter element list by phase in Revit Link Model.

Good Luck!

Graph 1:

Graph 2:

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It seems like Rooms don’t have the Phase Created parameter? I’m only seeing “Phase” and “Phase Id”, both of which return “New Construction” regardless of the actual phase created.

Were you able to get the phases of the rooms in the linked file? It would be nice to know how.

Hi All,

There are videos showing how to get phases

Dynamo - Get Phases in a Model
Dynamo - Get Phases from All Linked Models
Dynamo - Filter Elements by Phase

I hope it is helpful!