Copying and Filtering from a linked model

New dynamo user here, trying to get my feet wet. I found this graph on Bimorph’s site and what I need to do is filter what is getting copied into my model.Working with it now, appreciate any tips you can ive me.

Hi @jsanford,
Welcome to the Dynamo community.

What would you like to filter?
You can get the Wall’s Type name and then use the == node to match the type you need and then use a FilterByBoolMask node to filter the required elements.

Tip 1: Dynamo is case sensitive so TYPE as a parameter name might not work

Thanks for the reply!

So yeah, this is essentially what I was trying to do, based on a couple of different graphs I had seen doing similar operations. What was making it unique for me is that I was using this linked.elements node and wasnt sure how that would impact things? trial by fire here lol. Ideally I would like to learn a workflow that would let me filter by type name contains, bc this would be really easy for my team to input in the future, but for now just learning how to filter by name would be perfect tbh.

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