Filter and export similar elements from Revit as FBX files

Hi Everyone, I am novice Revit and Dynamo user. I wish to add Blender into my workflow. I use blender because, it is free and the interface is easy. When I complete the design and modeling in Revit, I export each elements individually by isolating similar category elements and do an FBX export. This usually takes days to complete for complex models.

If anyone has found a best practice to complete this task, please advise me how to approach this task. I also have no commendable experience in programming languages, but I am willing to learn Python. It will be really helpful if someone can give me a brief idea on how to approach this and the resources required to add this permanently to my workflow.

Thank you

Hi @mailrajeshjohnmail,

You can use the node from Data-Shapes or Wombat to achieve this task.


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Let me check out those nodes, thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

The nodes are working great, now I have to sort out how to filter out elements by type or category or whichever appropriate for applying materials to them later in one shot inside blender.

You can use a variety of methods to do this. Best bet may be to use a by category method.

Out of curiosity, and I’m asking because I know blender is already open source but don’t know if it has any method of API, have you considered using dynamo to directly interact with a Blender?

JacobSmall, actually I am new to blender :sunglasses: But your question is giving me some sparks. Let me do few search in your direction. I will check and see if it is possible to link Dynamo and a Blender Add-on.