Dynamo, export elements to fbx by category

Does anyone know why this doesn’t work?

I’m trying to generate the views of each category of items to be able to export them later.

Some Views are generated but they don’t correspond with the categories.

Hi @jesusbf

Could you show us preview of each node.

Yes of course,

Probably easier to make/generate a load of View Templates for each category and then apply these templates to the created views

what i meant is to show preview of nodes not revit :slight_smile:


Sorry, I’m new to Dynamo and Revit, thanks for the help.

No Problem i can understand.

josephpeel, Do you think it’s easier that way? What are the View Templates and how can I generate them for each category?

Just based on my experience of making lots of floor plans etc with dynamo I think it is easier to set all view setting how you want them in a View Template (There are a LOT of settiings…) rather than try to set everything when you create the view.

You can take an example view in revit and do ‘Create View Template from View’ and duplicate the template for each Category. Its a bit of manual work (eerrrgh…) but think this would cost less time than to find a solution in Dynamo.
Then you just set the “View Template” parameter of the new view with template you want and all the settings get applied.

I also started making a revit project/file to make FBX for each category… but didnt do anything with it for a while.
My idea was to have all the views ready in a standard model, link the model you want to export in and then run the export. (Because unlike IFC, FBX works with linked models too).