Surface from lines(curves)

Hi everybody,

I’m working on a script to transform static IFC wall to editable Revit walls.
The WombatDynamo.Wall.ByProfile node does this very good as long as there aren’t any holes in the wall. My idea is to split the surface of the wall into pieces. With a small piece of dynamo this works great. Next thing is to find out is which list of curves represent the wall, the others are the holes. To do this I need to transform a list of curves back to a surface and determine the area. The biggest area is the wall.
However I’m stuck trying to transform a curvelist back to a surface.
The error I get is that some sections not meet. However looking at the coördinates they do.

okay, so I’ve solved this issue by filtering on the sum of curve lengths. In theory this doesn’t always have to be the wall but changes are almost 100% it is.
Next question is how to create a hole in a wall when I know the curves of the hole.

My workflow would be :

  1. Bring the hole curve elements into Dynamo
  2. Create an extrusion of the hole curve elements in Dynamo
  3. Bake it as Revit void element
  4. Join the wall and void element.
    You can use FamilyType.VoidByGeometry node to bake it as void element.