FilledRegion.ByCurves deletes Filled Region

Whenever i create a FIlled Region with the FilledRegion.ByCurves node it deletes the
previous created Filled Region.

I select a Floor (FL1) and create a Filled Region from (FR1) that Floor boundary, then
i select a new Floor (FL2) to create a FIlled Region from (FR2), but FR1 gets deleted
when FR2 is created. Any idea why this happens??

Hi @bvs1982,

This is called Element Binding.
See this topic for a detailed explanation :

Wow, wall of text in that topic. Will read it later.
But i understand from a reply i can use Dynamo Player to get around this?
Edit Yes, player gets around this.

How can i use TAB to cycle when i have to select a Model Element from the Dynamo Player?
(I.E. i want to select a Floor from a Model Group).