Filled Regions from Subregions Boundaries


anyone knows how could I get subregions boundaries from a toposurface … to create filled regions with?

Thanks in advance

Select face node.
Surface.PerimeterCurves node.
Filled Region (clockwork I think).

Thanks for the answer @JacobSmall. However, the Select face node doesn’t work with subregions. I’ll keep searching…If you have another idea, i’ll hear it!

Got a basic example Revit file?

Subregion.rvt (368 KB)

Thanks a lot @jbo !! , I can start working with it!!.

In the other hand, I was exploring another way.
I select the subregion, and with a little code, I can get the boundaries, but they still Autodesk.Revit.DB Elements. Do you Know how to transform in revit element to create polycurves with? It will be easier this way, I think.

:raised_hands::clap: It really works!


SAG_v2_créer_zoneremplie_à_partir_de_sousrégion.dyn (21.0 KB)

Of course! (Sorry for my notes, they are in French. Anyway, it’s all clear in the post)

Thanks again @jbo !

(Next step, try to select multiple subregions…)

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