Filled Region By Curves Error

Hi Community,

I was trying to create filled region from cad link but im getting an error.heres the progress.

Thank you.


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Just luckily solved it myself :slight_smile: if anyone has the same issue here’s my solution


# Assign curves to groups according to whether they are connected via shared start points and end points.  Group numbers are not important.
# Colin McCrone, 2015-09-28

import clr
import math
from Autodesk.DesignScript.Geometry import *

# Determine whether two points are equal
def PointsEqual(pt1, pt2):
	tolerance = 0.00001
	if (math.fabs(pt1.X - pt2.X) < tolerance and
	    math.fabs(pt1.Y - pt2.Y) < tolerance and
	    math.fabs(pt1.Z - pt2.Z) < tolerance):
		return True
		return False

# Get input
crvs = IN[0]

# List the group to which each curve belongs
crvGroup = [-1 for x in range(len(crvs))]
crvGroup[0] = 0
maxGroupNum = 1

# Find start and end points for each curve
starts = []
ends = []
for crv in crvs:

# Find connected groups of curves
for i in range(len(crvs)):
	# Add i to its own group it not already part of a group
	if (crvGroup[i] == -1):
		crvGroup[i] = i
	# Find connections
	for j in range(len(crvs)):
		if (i != j and
			(PointsEqual(starts[i], starts[j]) or
			PointsEqual(starts[i], ends[j]) or
			PointsEqual(ends[i], starts[j]) or
			PointsEqual(ends[i], ends[j]))):
			# Add j to i group
			if (crvGroup[j] == -1):
				crvGroup[j] = crvGroup[i]
			# Add j group to i group
			elif (crvGroup[i] != crvGroup[j]):
				oldNum = crvGroup[j]
				for k in range(len(crvs)):
					if (crvGroup[k] == oldNum):
						crvGroup[k] = crvGroup[i]

# Output the (arbitrary) group numbers
OUT = crvGroup
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