File takes ages to open and has missing node info

Good morning,

This Forum has been very helpful so far. Unfortunately, the dynamo graph I’ve been painstakingly working on has become useless. When I open the file through dynamo, i see that it is trying to load the file. However, it loads for about 30minutes before opening, if it doesnt crash before that. When it’s finally open, all of the nodes are missing and only the lines between them exist. Any idea whats going on?

  1. it sounds like there might be a lot of trace data in this file -
    you could try deleting it (after backing up your file)

  2. if this happens every time you open the file - you can try removing the System.Windows.Interactivty.dll in your DynamoCore folder - (warning I have no idea if this will work, it’s a working theory I am trying to test but so far cannot reproduce this problem)

It would be helpful to know your revit, dynamo version, etc - as well as installed packages, addins etc.

A copy of the dyn helps too!

I have run into the node missing problem before, for me it was caused by Archi-lab packages + bumblebee. Once removed + restarted Revit, it worked fine.

Hope it helps, good luck