File.exists, not updating


I’m running a script that first checks to see if an excel file exists. If it doesn’t exist, it creates a new excel file with the relevant data. If the file already exists, it appends the data to the end of the existing data. My main problem here is that I am using the “FileSystem.FileExists” node and it doesn’t update its results on each running of the script. I have also tried passing this into a python node and running "os.path.isfile(), but that didn’t work either. It just keeps the original status from the first run. Is there a way to get this to actually check the existence of the file on each run?


Perhaps try just writing to the file path (even if it doesn’t exist)?

Because the file takes a path (technically a format of string in this case), you need not have a file pre-existing.

Reading the data should be doable in the same manor (appending new data after ‘null’ data.